Winter Fitness

Posted:February 05 2015

Post Categories: Personal Health

Does the chill in the air make you want to curl up underneath a blanket by the fire and hibernate for the entire winter? With the right preparation, you can embrace the elements while staying active and healthy. Here are some helpful tips, for starters:

Warm Up

Cold temperatures can make your muscles tight and prone to injury. Make sure you do a thorough warm-up prior to your exercise.


Don’t just workout at the gym. Everyday opportunities like climbing stairs or wall sits in your office provide a great indoor workout.


It’s just as important to stay hydrated when exercising in winter as it is in summer, even though you might not feel as thirsty.


Sometimes solitude, silence and relaxation are exactly what your body needs,especially during the busy holiday season. Take time for yourself and try a pilates or yoga class to help develop your balance, posture, core strength and flexibility.


Switch up your workout routine regularly, every four to six weeks – it’s the best way to prevent a plateau. The key is to combine cardio and strength training. Strength training is essential to building lean muscle, which naturally boosts your metabolism.


Fitness isn’t about competition, it’s a journey to be enjoyed. Grab a friend or partner with similar interests and double the enjoyment with your exercise routine – it’s a great way to keep each other motivated.