Face the Sun: SPF Skincare

Posted:May 14 2021

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The sun is shining brighter and longer! But as much as we want to spend time in the sun, it’s important to remember that it’s not your best friend.  Besides making SPF a constant part of your routine, take care of your skin pre & post exposure with these tips from Heather MacKay, our Senior Spa Services Manager.

SPF is Best
Protect your skin from the damaging UV rays. Browse our SPF section on the Elmwood Shop for all of our protecting products.

Ditch These…
Discontinue the use of glycolic acids and retinols during peak months such as July and August. They can make your skin photosensitive, causing you to burn more easily!

No Scrubs
Exfoliating can be great pre-spray tan. But don’t scrub your skin prior to being out in the sun. It can scrub away layers of your skin, making it more sensitive to the sun.

Part Ways with Pollution
In the summer, we’re more exposed to pollution as there is more smog (and we’re also out and about longer –patio nights anyone?). To combat this, use skin care products that are specifically designed to wash away pollutants such as Skin Regimen. Their enzymatic cleansing powder will leave you refreshed –it’s available in our retail boutique.

Hello, Hydration
The sun can dry our skin. Make sure you put some moisture back in it to keep it plump –hyaluronic acid serums work great.