Managing Your Mane –Ways to Fend Off Oily Hair!

Posted:July 02 2020

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Let’s face it –there are only so many hours in a day, and the majority are spent sleeping, working, or rushing to meet deadlines. Sometimes, washing our hair is the last thing on an always lengthy to-do list, and can feel like a bit of a chore. To make your locks last in between washes and look less oily, here are a few tips:

Say “No Thank You” to Towels: We all do it –get out hair twisted in a towel as soon as  we step out of the shower. But regardless of how used we are to this, it may not be the best for your tresses. Keeping it all under wraps will make your roots oily and ends dry, which is not ideal. This also creates frizz, so it’s especially bad for those with curly locks. Instead, quickly pat your hair with a towel to remove excess water, and let it air-dry a bit before you brush/blow-dry. If you have curly hair, cut out the towel altogether and make a cotton tee your BFFL. Use it to gently wring your hair and then wrap it up just as you would with a towel –its less-rough texture will help reduce frizz.

Give it the Cold Shoulder: That’s rightyour hair’s had it with the heat! Rinse it with cold water for extra shine, and to help close the glands that produce sebum and are to blame for oily locks.

Look, but Don’t Touch: Tucking behind your ears? Getting those bangs away from your face? Constantly touching your tresses will leave them looking oily and flat. So keep them back with bobby pins or hair ties. These great Invisibobble ties in fun colours won’t even leave a mark!

Avoid Post-Workout Washes: Breaking a sweat is great, except for your hair. As tempted as we may be to wash it right away, it’s not a good idea –especially if workouts are a daily occurrence. Instead, brush it out, use a spray bottle with water, and blow-dry on low heat to freshen up. Or for a quicker fix, spray on some dry shampoo and massage into your scalp. Moroccan Oil carries great options, that are tailored to your hair colour (light and dark –so you don’t end up with contrasting residue). We carry the full line of Moroccan Oil products in our retail boutique, so stop by to pick some up.

What’s your tried and trusted way to fend off oily hair? Share your tips and tricks with us!