Stretch it Out: Home Stretches for Prolonged Sitting

Posted:July 02 2020

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We’re all sitting a bit more than we usually do, whether it’s crouched at a desk working from home, or bingeing on Netflix. Our very own RMT, Katrina, has put together stretches for us to help release muscles. Remember to work within your own comfort level and be able to breathe comfortably while holding stretches

Warm up : Do each one for a minute, move slowly and gently.  Head turns, shoulder shrugs, shoulder rolls (forward and back) arm circles (forward and backwards), side twists, finish with knee-ups.


  • Ear to shoulder: Stabilize your shoulder by putting you arm behind your back or holding unto your pant. Bring the opposite ear to shoulder (right ear to right shoulder) for 30 seconds. Then slowly turn head so nose is towards armpit. Hold 30 seconds.  Repeat on other side. This stretch targets the neck muscles upper trapezius and levator scapula)
  • Side Bends: Stand with feet hip width apart. Keep your shoulder relaxed and raise arms over head. Hold left wrist with right hand and gently lean to right. Feel the left side of your body, from hip to wrist lengthening with each breath. Hold 30 seconds. Repeat other side. This stretch focuses on the latissimus dorsi.
  • Cactus arms: Standing with feet hip width bring arms out to 90 degree angle creating a “cactus” shape. Keeping the upper shoulders and neck relaxed bring your shoulder blades together in the mid back. Hold for 45 seconds. This stretch lengthens the pectoralis major and minor muscles.
  • Forward bend with knees bent: Stand with feet hip width apart and a generous bend in the knees. Hing forward from the hips and rest your torso on the upper thighs. Relax your head and arms forward. (if too intense can do this seated on a chair). Hold for 60 seconds. This stretch targets the lower back area and is a gentle traction for the whole spine.
  • Seated figure 4: Sit on a chair. Bring right ankle to rest on left knee, creating a figure 4 with the legs. To increase the stretch, you can apply gentle pressure on top leg, below knee. Hold 30 seconds, repeat other side this targets the gluteus and deep hip muscles.