Boxed Lunch by Bangkok

Posted:October 14 2021

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Linger longer and have lunch!
Enjoy lunch in our serene terrace garden before or after your service. Pre-order a Cold Serve Lunch Box prepared by our sister Thai restaurant, Bangkok Garden.  For only $18.95, choose one item from each menu category plus a soft drink of your choice.

Lunch Box Menu

Choose 1
Mango Salad

• Tofu salad with sesame seed vinaigrette
• Sunny-side-up egg salad

Choose 1
• Grilled chicken and vegetable wrap

• Crispy eggplant sandwich

Choose 1
Fresh fruit

• Tapioca pudding
• Coconut Jell-O

Choose 1
• soft drink

• water

To book please call: 416-964-4500