NuGenesis Nail Dip Solution

Posted:July 13 2023

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Say Hello to Flawless & Long-Lasting Nails!

Say hello to flawless and long-lasting nails with NuGenesis Dip Solution, our new manicure service! This safe, shiny alternative to acrylic and gel polish is strong, durable, and enriched with Calcium and Vitamin E. 

Celebrate the arrival of NuGenesis Dip Solution at elmspa with a special discount on refill appointments! Save $20* on your next NuGenesis refill.Book now and let your nails shine! 

What are the benefits?
1. Non-Toxic
2. Chip-Resistant
3. Low-Maintenance
4. Natural Look & Feel
5. No UV
6. Quick & Comfortable Application

​*NuGenesis Nail Dip Solution manicure is available as a Gift Card (price-protected for 12 months). Each manicure and pedicure treatment includes a complimentary homecare kit – nail file, pumice, and buffer. All tools used in manicures and pedicures are individually packaged and heat sterilized. Please note: To receive a complete manicure or pedicure service, please ensure that shellac has been removed from your nails prior to your service.