Enjoy $25 Off Facials with a Relaxation Massage Treatment

Posted:August 25 2017

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Treat yourself to more time at the spa when you book a facial and relaxation massage. Book either the Tranquility Pro Sleep Relaxation Massage Treatment or the Himalayan Salt Stone Detox Massage Treatment and receive $25 off any facial. it is the perfect chance to treat yourself.

*Available for appointments on Mondays to Fridays until May 31, 2022. Not available as a Gift Card and cannot be combined with any other offers or discounts including ESE cards. Facial and Relaxation Massage Treatment must be booked for the same day. 

To book please call: 416-964-4500

About the Tranquility Pro Sleep Relaxation Massage Treatment
This is an innovative massage acting on three different sensorial pathways and is recommended for tiredness and fatigue, sleep problems – whether it be not falling asleep easily or having a deep, sound sleep, as well as for frantic globetrotters to recover from jetlag and for those who are working
intensively and are affected by stress.
The mind, stimulated by the essential oils of cedarwood, sweet orange, and Damascus rose, together with the slow, repetitive rhythm of the music, can regain overall serenity. Some of the primary physical benefits of the treatment:
• Heartbeat slows down
• More profound breathing
• Muscle contractions are eased
• Improved microcirculation

About the Himalayan Salt Stone Detox Massage Treatments
A detoxifying treatment for body and mind, combined with a specific warm salt stone massage.

Himalayan Salt Stones provide a gentle exfoliation on the skin, making the skin feel smooth and soft after your massage session. This can help reduce inflammation and assist in natural detoxification processes. The massage helps circulate blood and the lymph around the body, circulating toxins out of the body.