3 Detox Rituals to Try This Spring

Posted:April 12 2021

Post Categories: Personal Health

Nowadays, it seems like every celebrity, health coach, and yoga teacher are talking about doing a “detox”. But if you’ve ever tried a detox program, you’ll know that it takes A LOT of dedication and discipline to endure the challenge. But while a detox program can be a step in the right direction, they aren’t always complete. Here’s why.

A proper and safe detox has everything to do with your hormones.

If you’re “eating healthy” and still experiencing skin breakouts, cravings and weight fluctuations, then your body is trying to communicate an overabundance of toxins in the body and potential hormonal imbalance. There’s also a good chance your detoxification pathways aren’t functioning optimally.

While detox programs can be a great reboot, detox is something we need to support our bodies with every single day. Given that we’re exposed to an unprecedented number of toxins daily, it only makes sense that we need to cleanse and take “out the trash” on a daily basis. Here are 3 tips to get you started.

Try Exfoliating

Exfoliating the skin is a great way to boost circulation and stimulate the lymphatic system to release toxins. It also improves muscle tone and sloughs off dead skin cells that clog pores and encourages cell renewal. If you struggle with acne, dry or sensitive skin, get yourself a facial or a full body scrub to help give your skin a bright and youthful glow. Try our Virtual Vitamin C Facial or enjoy our Tuscan Citrus & Herb Body Scrub at elmspa with one of our RMTs.

Sip your herbals 

Start your day with a hot cup of herbal tea. Herbal tea helps flush the digestive system and re-hydrates the body. Food is the basis of a hormone-happy life. No matter what trends come and go, food — and anything we put inside our bodies — can be a great way to cleanse the body. The medicinal properties of herbs offer a ton of nutrients and can even rev up our healing time. Shop Elmwood Spa’s selection of teas here.

Squat Challenge

Having regular bowel movements (and especially in the morning) is one of the best indicators of our digestive health.

Don’t rush out of the house in the morning without a bowel movement. Get your digestive flow moving by listening to nature’s call.

Squatting requires standing with your knees & hips sharply bent and your sitting bones close to the ground. Hold this position for a few minutes until you feel some movement happening in your digestive system. Squatting will tonify the colon and help push contents along your digestive tract.

A good bowel movement in the morning is a routine that your body needs to be accustomed to. As you get into this habit, you’ll notice it becomes such an important start to your day.

Written by: Elaine Clark, Nutritionist, women’s health pioneer, yogi and founder of LADYFLOW. Elaine is creating a movement of women living in sync with their hormonal wisdom and creativity. Elaine works with health conscious women to feel at home in their body and awaken to their creative feminine potential. She offers a variety of tools to help women balance their hormones through her workshop offerings, public classes and wellness products. Learn more about Elaine here >