Face Winter Weather with a New Skincare Routine!

Posted:March 03 2021

Post Categories: Personal Health

Though the countdown to spring is officially on, winter weather is still here for a little longer! To help you continue with a great routine, we have three tips from one of our Spa Care Experts™ to make sure your skin weathers what is left of the winter.

Serum + Cream are a Dream: We all love the refreshing feel of light creams! But those are better left in the dog days of summer, along with cottage weekends and sangria. To stay moisturized, layer on the serum first, then add the cream. Serums work from the very bottom, are the foundation of hydrated skin, and absorb creams well. To take care of the surface, use a heavy face cream. Together, these two are the dream team.

Don’t Skip Facials: Though in person facials are not available at the moment, there are plenty of great alternatives to make sure you keep on top of regular maintenance. You can try out our  Guinot Vitamin C Virtual Facial (with the same ingredient you’ll find in citrus fruit), the Urban Detox Virtual Facial, the Guinot Radiance Foundation Virtual Facial, and the Guinot Detoxygene Virtual Facial. These are all available online and great for a little me-time or for a virtual party.

Acids all Around: To cause some major skin-envy, set up a routine of exfoliating and moisturizing. Whether you do this at home or with some professional help, we suggest that you use products that contain acids! Don’t be afraid of this “a” word though, these ones are naturally-occurring. To remove dead cells from the skin’s surface and help shed flaky layers, go for alpha hydroxy or glycolic acids. But of course, what you take out, you must put back. Replenish your face with a serum or cream that has hyaluronic acid. This magic ingredient can hold 1000 times its weight in water, and significantly increases the plumpness in your skin. You’ll go from dehydrated to dewy in no time! Though it’s not a time machine that can take you back to your younger days, it can certainly help your skin feel like it.

Winter weather may be harsh, but with these tips in tow you are ready to face it!